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Child Care

Child Care Program


Summer Discovery Day Camp

Enrollment begins April 30!  Safe and captivating daily activities for kids ages 4-12, including field trips, swimming, games, dance, music, reading, science, arts, outdoor adventures, cooking, technology, physical activities, skill building and clubs!
6:30 am to 6:00 pm - Summer School Pick-Up Available
For registration and fee information, please call the YWCA at 608-752-5445, x224.

Before & After School
Now hiring at several school sites! HELP Wanted Flyer - Click Here - or call (608) 752-5445 x224!

The Before and After School Program provides child care for school-age children during the school year. The program runs from 6:30am until school starts and resumes at the close of school until 6:00pm.
Children are allowed to attend a breakfast program if one is offered at the child's school.

All YWCA child care staff members meet state requirements as providers in a group child care center.
All staff receive in-service training, and throughout the year have opportunities to attend child care conferences. State licensing requires that the staff to child ratio be 1 to 17.

The Before and After School Program is open to all elementary school-age children ages 5-12, enrolled at any of the schools we serve.

Child care funding is accepted through the W-2 program and the YWCA offers financial assistance to eligible families.

Activities include:
active and quiet periods
indoor and outdoor play
arts and crafts
board games
time for school work/reading
community service
fitness fun

If interested call (608)752-5445 to see if space is available.

Pre-School (P4J) and Child Care

We offer pre-school (P4J) sessions from 8:30-11am, Monday through Friday when school is in session. Wrap around care is available from 6:30am-5:00pm. An hourly rate is available if hourly times meets your schedule needs.

Call (608)752-5445 for more information