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Please read the following carefully, as there have been specific changes to the nomination process:

YWCA Rock County invites you to participate in our annual Women of Distinction Awards by nominating a woman or young woman (21 and under) who has made a significant impact in our community and achieved personal success.

Since 1975, the YWCA Rock County Women of Distinction Awards has honored more than 250 individuals and organizations who have improved women’s lives through community service, professional achievement, integrity, leadership and dedication to the well-being of others.

Nominations must be received no later than 4pm on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

On Thursday evening, April 23, 2020, we will award honors for; Woman of Distinction, Young Woman of Distinction and Corporate Award of Merit.

Nomination Guidelines 

As you decide who to nominate, you should be able to check the following:

  • I am not submitting a nomination of someone who has already received the award.
  • I am not a current Women of Distinction Selection Committee member.
  • The person I want to nominate is not a Women of Distinction Selection Committee member.
  • The person I want to nominate lives, works or volunteers in Rock County.
  • The person I want to nominate has the following characteristics:
    • is a role model for other women and has inspired other women and girls to achieve success
    • has demonstrated excellence, accomplishment and creativity in their profession, community or lives
    • is dedicated to social justice, racial equality, and diversity throughout our community
    • has exhibited qualities of leadership, teamwork, integrity, and dedication
    • is committed to improving the quality of life in our community

Online Form

Submit your nomination through an online form.

Printed Form

Printed forms can be faxed, mailed or dropped off to YWCA Rock County.