2021 Woman of Distinction – Jennie Krajeck

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Jennie Krajeck (Sales Account Executive, LAMAR Outdoor Advertising)

Jennie Krajeck is a lifelong resident of Rock County. She was raised in Orfordville and is proud to say that is where she is raising her 2 kids. Henry (15) and Grace (13) are her greatest accomplishment. Watching them become good citizens of their community makes all that she does worth it! She was raised watching her parents and other family members give of themselves daily. Having such strong roots in the Orfordville area is one reason she chose to become a member of the School Board for Parkview School District. It is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding choices she has made.

She has worked for Lamar selling billboard advertising for seven years. Getting to know her customers and how hard they work to make their businesses successful is a true joy to her.

She has enjoyed giving her time, talent, energy and money to so many amazing organizations. Coaching Special Olympics basketball for 10 years taught her more about humanity than she has learned in her 43 years of life. Forward Janesville, Mercy Foundation, LDA, American Heart Association, Downtown Janesville Inc, Healthnet, The YWCA, KANDU and The Parkview Booster Club are just some of the amazing organizations that has made her who she is. She promises they have given her more than she has given them.

She has always wanted to make sure everyone gets a fair shake at happiness and prosperity. Weather to help someone or walk away has never been anything she has had to think much about. She believes that being kind should just be baseline human nature!