2023 Woman of Distinction – Julia Jorgensen

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Julia Jorgensen: Velocity Multi-Sport & Cycling

Julia has been a small business owner in Janesville for the past 14 years. In 2008, she and her husband Jaysen opened a State Farm Insurance Agency in Janesville and immediately began thinking of ways to give back to the community. Julia is also co-owner of Cascade Property Development, which owns several commercial and residential properties within the Janesville community. She also owned and operated Tan Shack for 6 years before she and her husband, along with their business partners Scott & Leslie Wente, began a new venture in 2019 with Velocity Multi-Sport & Cycling. Community service has always been a priority in her life and in all her business pursuits. Throughout her years of business in the Janesville community, she has had the opportunity to work with numerous non-profit organizations & charities. Most recently, she has developed the Event Management side of the Velocity business. With this development, she can assist a variety of different charities & organizations with their ticketing events, race development, race timing, registrations and website development to help them raise awareness & funds for their cause. Together, Jaysen & Julia have 3 children & Soba their adopted dog, Quinn (19), Jacob (11), Jordan (9).