Boosting your immunity: Some simple steps to take

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Boosting your immunity: Some simple steps to take

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With guidelines and recommendations in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there are things you can do to help stop the spread.

These healthy habits aren’t just great reminders for adults, but it might also be a learning opportunity for children.

Some of the best things you can teach your children:

  • Washing your hands frequently will help keep the germs away. Make sure to wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard this one by now…don’t touch your face. This is definitely way easier said than done! By making a conscious effort to keep your hands away from your face, mixed with proper hand washing, will go a long way in helping stay healthy.
  • Boost your immunity by practicing healthy habits. Those habits include eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep.

Breaking down that last point a bit, there are different guides out there to help build those healthy habits in children.

Tips for getting kids moving:

Cooking with kids:

How long should your children be sleeping:

As the situation develops surrounding the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a ton of resources on its website