Dorothy Height Diversity in the Workplace Award

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Dorothy Height Diversity in the Workplace Award

This award recognizes a business within Rock County that demonstrates and recognizes the strengths of racial diversity. The business must also exhibit a sustained commitment in the pursuit of cultural diversity inclusion and retention in the workplace.

Nominated businesses should lead by example by working to transform our community into a truly inclusive environment where employees are valued for their talent and are able to reach their full potential.

Who is a Candidate?

The YWCA Rock County’s Racial Justice Committee is seeking nominations for an outstanding business that embraces and promotes diversity in the workforce. YWCA Rock County desires to advance the power and the strength of cultural diversity through addressing specific needs of underrepresented employees within their workforce.


The business must be located in Rock County and must show a commitment to cultural diversity. Cultural diversity must be a high priority, which can be shown by establishing practices and policies that demonstrate an understanding and respect for a culturally diverse work environment.

Application Submission Information (***IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ***)

To be considered, an explanation of how the business demonstrates a sustained commitment to racial justice is needed. Please also provide examples of policies, practices and commitment to its employees, as well as examples of each.

Applications may be submitted by mail, email or by filling out the online form. Nominations must also include a cover letter. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Nominations for 2020 award are now due October 15, 2020. 

Online Nomination

Nominations and supporting documentation can be submitted through this online form.

Mail Nomination

Please print and mail your nomination form and supporting documentation to YWCA Racial Justice Conference Committee at 1735 S. Washington St., Janesville, WI 53546.

Email Nomination

Please print and complete the nomination form and supporting documents. Then, email the form and supporting documents to