Economic Empowerment

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Economic Empowerment Center

YWCA Rock County provides skills training, help with resume writing, mock interviews, transportation assistance and other services to help community members and domestic violence survivors achieve economic independence.

Transportation Assistance (Give A Gal A Lift)

For people in poverty, finding a job is not the only hurdle—there are many barriers that make it almost impossible to keep their job.  One of those barriers is transportation.

The YWCA made a commitment to lower this barrier.  If a woman is employed, and she earns below the poverty level she can come to the YWCA and get one $25 gas card per month.  She must show her current pay stub, which is compared to the poverty level (for example, $19,000 for a mother and two children).  Nationally women in poverty have a 63% chance of retaining their employment, and we know these gas cards work because we exceed 65% retention. This is open to anyone living in Rock County living below the poverty line.

The YWCA Rock County offers bus tokens or $25 gas-only cards each month, for those who qualify, to travel to and from work. Check out the income guidelines below.


Employment Assistance

Along with providing transportation assistance, we also provide services to help community members secure employment. Our services include:

  • Skill Training
  • Resume writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Search
  • Computer Access

Are you looking for employment? Follow our Empowerment Center Facebook page for job postings from businesses throughout the area.

In 2021, the Economic Empowerment Center had 106 new on-site users with a total of 492 total users. 52 new jobs were reported in 2021 with 188 hours in helping clients. $12,037.05 was applied towards helping clients with transportation assistance. That is up from $8,820.20 in 2020.