Immigrant Outreach

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Immigrant Outreach | Community Outreach Program

The YWCA’s Immigrant Outreach Program serves the immigrant community by addressing systemic disparities for newcomers, eliminate barriers, and invest in the success of those who have come to our community to build a new life.

Our immigration advocacy services include but are not limited to, legal advocacy, access to our free legal clinic, citizenship classes, English as a second language classes, help with employment issues, access to information and referrals, assistance with benefits, social services and community education.

Here are some of our services

• Ordenes de restricción
• Grupos de apoyo
• Acceso a refugio de emergencia
• Acceso a la clínica legal gratuita con abogados expertos en casos familiares
• Plan de Emergencia
• Ayuda completando formas legales

• Acceso a la clínica legal gratuita con abogados expertos en inmigración
• Traducción e interpretación de documentos
• Asistencia completando formas legales como DACA y Visa-U
• Clases de ciudadanía
• Clases de ingles

• Restraining orders
•Support groups
• Access to emergency shelter
• Access to free legal clinic with expert lawyers in family cases
•Safety planning
• Help completing legal forms

• Access to free legal clinic with immigration lawyers
• Translation and interpretation of documents
• Assistance completing legal forms such as DACA and Visa-U
• Citizenship classes
•English classes

YWCA- Immigrant Outreach Program is committed to eliminating barriers and expanding access to opportunities. If you are a refugee, asylee or if you are a student in YWCA- Immigrant Outreach Program English Language classes, you may be eligible for employment services.

Employment services may include:
  • Assistance with job applications
  • Job orientation information
  • Help creating a resume
  • Information on job opportunities
  • Referrals to other employment and job training programs

Call (608) 752-5445 ext. 215 for more information.

YWCA- Immigrant Outreach Program provides abstract translations for birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, no criminal record certificates and others.

The cost is typically $50 per document with a one-week turnaround time. Price may vary based on complexity of the document or for shorter turnaround times.

Notary services are available upon request.