Your Voice. Your Vote. Your Future.

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Your Voice. Your Vote. Your Future.

Voting rights and the fight for racial justice are deeply interconnected. As communities across the country are taking to the streets to demand justice and equality, it’s more important than ever to ensure fair and equal access to the ballot box.

In this critical moment, remember: our voices have power. And through our votes, we will be heard.

Ensuring access to the voting booth is an important part of YWCA’s commitment to eliminating racism and empowering women and—now more than ever—it is critical to ensuring a healthy,
safe, empowered future for our communities. Higher voter participation has been associated with higher employment rates, lower recidivism rates, and more positive health outcomes in communities, as well increased attention from our elected officials and candidates for office.

New challenges to the voting process posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic, along with pre-existing systemic and historical barriers to the voting booth for communities of color, have made our collective commitment to civic engagement even more critical this election year.


The next election is November 3, with absentee voting already underway in Wisconsin. You can learn more about the process through the links below.

Where Do I Vote?

How Do I Register?

Voted Early?

Contact Your Clerk